Swan Lake


Each time I travel to Munich, I keep going (because I love it) to the village where is located the Neuschwanstein Castle, which will be the protagonist of my next post. This place is one of my favorites since I discovered it six years ago, especially during the autumn season where he fascinated me with its colorful landscapes, beautiful lakes and stylized swans swimming as if they were dancing Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.

Cada vez que viajo a Múnich, no dejo de ir (porque me encanta) al poblado donde se encuentra ubicado el Castillo de Neuschwanstein, el cual será el protagonista de mi próximo post.  Este lugar es uno de mis favoritos desde que lo descubrí hace 6 años, sobretodo durante la época de otoño en donde siempre quedo fascinada de sus paisajes coloridos, hermosos lagos y estilizados cisnes que nadan como si estuvieran danzando el Lago de los Cisnes de Tchaikovsky.


8 thoughts on “Swan Lake

  1. This place is just stunning!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, and I’m not surprised you’ve been going after 6 years 😉


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